Bridge equipment to be moved by Spring Break


Following a presentation this week and a couple of meetings, TxDOT has set in motion plans to move the equipment being used for bridge repair during Spring Break.

At the commissioners meeting this week in Port Isabel, representatives from TxDOT made a plea for as­sistance in the cost involved to move the equipment from both South Padre Island and Port Isabel.

“Both communities are af­fected by this,” said SPI May­or Bob Pinkerton. ”Of course it looks as if Port Isabel would be affected much worse, but we still have concerns of our own and are willing to help out.”

In a meeting Wednesday morning, South Padre Island officials agreed to kick in $15,000 assisting in moving the equipment which Tx­DOT says will occur between March 11-18. Port Isabel is also looking at contributing funds.

“We are actively looking at what we can do to help out,” said Port Isabel City Manager Ed Meza.

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