Break Time 2011

A flurry of activity is in action already as students are arriving for the 2011 version of Spring Break on South Padre Island. With reports that many properties are booked to near 90 percent already this could be one of the biggest in many years. All along the Island there are activities planned including concerts, contests and all out parties. Restaurant owners, gift shop operators and hotel staff are busy in preparation for the large crowds and the weather looks to be cooperating. Local law enforcement agencies are also in place to help in controlling traffic and en¬forcing drinking laws. Students from Southern Illinois Edwardsville dug in for the weekend during Spring Break 2011. Thousands of students are expected over the next two weeks all along South Padre Island. Students from Missouri are tak¬ing in the terrific weather this week on South Padre Island. Here, in front of the stage at Coca Cola Beach, they are expecting thousands of visitors during the next two weeks. (Staff photo by Joe R. Bowling, Jr.)

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