Flea Market to reopen


The City of Port Isabel voted Tuesday night in favor of re-opening the flea mar­ket along Hwy. 100, at least on a part time basis, with full hopes for a full return. Field­ing complaints after closing it just a few weeks ago the com­missioners acted in a manner that will bring this back as soon as possible.

“We voted to bring it back,” said City Manager Ed Meza, “at least for the first Sunday of each month.”

The reasons for shutting it down were safety related, according to Meza, and that remains a concern which has the city looking for options for a new location. Meza ex­plained how this issue came to pass from the start and what the feedback was from the vendors.

“We had complaints from drivers along Hwy. 100 which forced us to do something, but we also recognized that this brought revenue to the area.”

Referred to as the Port Isa­bel Flea Market, this will re-open at the same location at Beaulah Lee Park, but the fo­cus for the city is a place that will allow for easier access in a spot that has less traffic than that along Hwy. 100.

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