Vietnam Vets recognized at city meeting


Mayor Joe E. Vega presented a framed copy of a proclamation to veterans in attendance at the commission¬ers meeting Tuesday night. Voted and approved by the entire commission this sets aside April 19, 2011 as LZ:RGV Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day. (Staff photo by Joe R. Bowling, Jr.)

Port Isabel joined with other cities across the Rio Grande Valley Tuesday night as they set aside April 9, 2011 as a day to honor those who served in the Vietnam War. Mayor Joe E. Vega proclaimed that this would be done and presented a copy of a proclamation to veterans in attendance of the Tuesday night city meeting.

“I was not a veteran,” said Vega, “but I have the up-most respect for these guys. They are the reason we are living in a country that is free.”

A day of celebration has been set aside with events be­ginning in the early morning hours at the McAllen Con­vention Center on that day.

“This has been a long time coming,” said Veteran Robert Vela, “there are a lot of guys that I wish were still here to see this.”

Vela asked a small group of veterans in attendance to lead the night with the Pledge of Allegiance. Afterwards, when speaking with the vet­erans, each man spoke of the days 50 years back when they returned from the war.

“There were certainly no parades,” said Vela, “as a mat­ter of fact we had to run from the plane because people were throwing things at us. Now people are looking at us differently, and even though it sometimes seems too little too late, it means a lot to us all.”

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