Long Island Villagers question swing bridge ownership


The Port Isabel City Com­mission had their second An­nexation Public Hearing on March 29. David Evans, a representative for Oasis De­velopment, gave a brief over­view of what the annexation of Long Island Village will look like. Included in the plans is a restaurant, a marina and an event center. “We’re going to do maybe like an outdoor event center so that we can bring country western bands and, you know, just fun stuff,” Evans said. Evans also stated that they hope to start breaking ground early this summer. Many de­velopers have come along but no project has ever begun on Long Island Village. “At the request of the city and the attorney, they said ‘Let’s lay low and make sure it’s going to be a done deal and legitimate so that we don’t have a bunch of disap­pointed people,’” he said. “All we have left is the final stages of financing.” Evans said that the stron­gest opposition the annexa­tion is facing has to do with the swing bridge which is the only way to go into and out of Long Island Village. “I think there’s confusion there because the Long Island people have always thought they own the bridge, but the bridge is an independent en­tity,” he said. Evans said that the bridge is managed by a home own­er’s association (HOA), but because Long Island Village also has an HOA, many of the residents believe it is their HOA that manages the bridge. Mayor Joe E. Vega said that he is for the annexation because it will enhance the city.

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