Tempers flare at city meeting


The Port Isabel City Com­mission meeting on Tuesday evening was once again packed with citizens wishing to express their concerns over the Modern Venice project.

Port Isabel resident, Gary Snyder commented on the matter while wearing a sign on his back that read, “Are You Listening? We Don’t Want The District! We, Citizens of Port Isabel And Modern Venice.” Many others in the audience also wore the same sign on their backs.

“I urge you all to discontinue the aggressive desire to force development through unfair practices,” Snyder said. “I am opposed to any unfair or spe­cial status of anyone and am in favor of equal treatment of all. Please remove me, along with everyone else from this district.”

Herbert and Wilma Stark from North Shore also asked to be removed from the district.

“I ask that you kill this leg­islature and find better ways to develop these properties,” Stark said. “Please ask Senator [Eddie] Lucio to stop this deal. If you will not or cannot stop the tiers, please take my prop­erty and the rest of the North Shore subdivision out of the tiers.”

Mayor Joe E. Vega motioned to exclude all developed prop­erties from the Public Improve­ment District (PID) and those wishing to be included could follow protocol to be able to remain. The motion, however, died.

Frustrations were vented throughout the meeting by in­terruptions and outburst. A few kept demanding another audi­ence member to keep quiet. Ron Berman of Raybec stood and apologized to the panel and audience.

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