Past mayor honored by pavilion


Former Port Isabel May­or Quirino Zurita Martinez was honored on Saturday for years of continued hard work and commitment he has given to the City of Port Isabel as a pavilion at Washington Park was dedicated to him.

Martinez was in office from 1970-1976 as City Commissioner, 1972-1976 as Mayor Pro-Term and 1976-1984 and 1996-1998 as Mayor of Port Isabel. Some of his achievements include the renovation of Washington Park, the new library, establishing Lagu­na Madre Park, communi­ty center and the Chamber of Commerce complex.

City Manager Edward Meza opened the cer­emony with kind words. He was followed by cur­rent Mayor of Port Isabel, Mayor Joe E. Vega with his welcome address. Commissioner MJ Garza announced the invocation followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. A standing ovation was given when it was time for Mayor Mar­tinez to give a few words to all those who had joined him on this historical day.

Mayor Martinez gave many thanks to all of those who supported him throughout the years and he quickly pointed out that he was not alone in all of his achievements. “We’re dedicating this pavilion to a man who has dedicated many hours to public ser­vice and the community of Port Isabel. He was very instrumental in the develop­ment of Washington Park, the community center, the li­brary and many many other projects here including the quality of life here in Port Isabel,” said Mayor Vega.

When asked of what he feels his biggest achieve­ments were during his time serving the Port Isabel com­munity, Mayor Martinez said, ”The library and com­munity center. And after that, Laguna Madre Park.”

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