Bikes take over Island


Thousands cruised up and down South Padre Island Boulevard this year for Beach N’ Biker­fest 2011.

Once again it was a well-attended event co­ordinated and held by the Magic Valley Motor­cycle Club. Eli Hinojosa and Dave Lozano were the main coordinators of the event, along with hundreds of volunteers out to make it another memorable shindig for riders from all over the country.

When speaking with Mr. Stefan Wohl, who ran the Bay Area Build­ers Association “Op­eration Coming Home” booth about the event, he said, “It was an incred­ible event. We had a great awareness campaign this year and I have to thank Dave Lozano for all of his hard work and ef­forts. I spoke with at least 3,000 people and I met people who came all the way from Germany.”

Among the many fes­tivities held, included was the parade, burnout contest and, according to Lozano, the most popular event was the Blox Stars Stunt Riders. “This entire event is put on by volun­teers and is a non-profit event in which all the funds go to charity. Nobody is paid and it is all on a volun­teer basis.” said Hinojosa. “We had a wonderful event this year, and it is difficult to say if there will be any changes for next year’s event other than I wish the South Padre Island Con­vention Center was bigger, because we ran out of floor space and we ran out of parking.”

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