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The City of Trejo, Hon­duras may be many miles away from the Rio Grande Valley, but this week Mayor Jose Antonio Lai­nez Mejia from the city of Trejo made a journey that will bring the two closer.

The Port Isabel Rotary Club has been instrumental in a program for 10 years now that has been provid­ing assistance to schools in Trejo and Lainez Mejia is visiting this week in hopes of getting supplies from here in the valley back to his home.

“We have a boat near Houston,” said Lainez Mejia, “and we have a lot of supplies in Los Fresnos that we need to get to that boat.”

 The supplies have been gathered by the Rotary Club as they continue to expand their services abroad.

“Our Rotary.” said Port Isabel Mayor Joe E. Vega, “works with our local and regional people, but they also do a lot of work outside of the area including this help with the school children in Honduras.”

The program has been providing teachers, in the past, from Honduras, to come to Los Fresnos and monitor classrooms. The Rotary Club has also sent workers to the Trejo area and has assisted in building and

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