‘Friends’ play role at Shelter


As the City of Port Isa­bel and the Laguna Madre Humane Society were work­ing through the process of operations at the Port Isabel Animal Shelter, a group was forming that is now in place as an integral part in moving forward in a positive manor.

This past weekend over 60 volunteers showed up to as­sist the shelter and more vol­unteers are making their way in to help find animals new homes.

Jacky Conrad and Cath­erine Carter are just two of the members of the Friends of the Isabel Y. Garcia Animal Shelter. They have been ac­tive as just some of the many that have been assisting with working the front office.

“We have been running the office,” said Conrad, “now for two weeks.”

The group is mostly com­prised of former board mem­bers of LMHS and volunteers who have many years of ex­perience in working with ani­mals. The first formed when rumors of euthanasia surfaced and wanted to take a role in finding animals homes.

“We had heard all kinds of rumors,” said Conrad, “and we felt that we could do something if we got orga­nized.”

Once the group was in place they contacted City Manager Ed Meza offering assistance as volunteers.

“He was very open with us,” said Conrad, “and we felt that once the legal matters where settled we could help out. Despite what the public was seeing and what some people where saying, there were good communication lines opened at that time.”

Once the agreement was in place “Friends” took a role immediately operating the front office. The City oper­ates the shelter and LMHS is extremely active as all three parties work towards present­ing a positive image of the shelter.

“”We have reached out to LMHS,” said Carter, “in a friendly fashion and in a way that everyone knows that we are all striving for the same goals.”

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