Student champion for the deaf

Ian Hook playing his acoustic guitar with the help of his cochlear implants.


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Ian Hook, 17, was born pre­sum­ably deaf. Thanks to ad­vances in technology, at the age of 18 months, he, along with other young boys and girls in Austin were given the chance to go where few children had gone before.

Cochlear Implants were sur­gically installed, allow those children to hear for the first time.

In the 15 years that have passed, the surgery has ad­vanced, the technology has progressed yet the prices are still more than many can bear. It is for this reason that Ian and his companions, who call themselves The Deaf Club, have taken on the task to help those who cannot help them­selves.

They are raising money to­gether through a run/walk in Austin called Run to Hearin order to aid families without insurance to provide these im­plants to their hearing impaired members.

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