Beachcombers Art Show celebrates 52 years

Marge Ford posses with her favorite work of art at the Beachcombers Art Show on Saturday. (Staff photo by Scarlet O’Rourke)

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The 2011 Beachcomb­er’s Art Show (BCAS) was a collage of colors, medi­ums and materials that in­stantly caught the eyes of viewers and they entered the South Padre Island Convention Centre over the weekend.

Celebrating 52 years of art, the show featured work ranging from photography, mixed-medium painting, metal work, wood carv­ings, handmade jewelry, blown glass, needlework, and more.

Artists from all over the state showcased their work in the booths around the floor. Many said that they make it a point to come to the BCAS every year.

Cherith Fenton’s fish greeted passers-by at the show with an array of colors. (Staff photo by Scarlet O’Rourke)


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