Dentist offers services to kids in need

Dr. Emma Gavito does some much-needed dental work on Teresa, a Garriga Elementary Student. Gavito set a day aside solely to work on area children from elementary through high school seniors who were identified by their campus nurses as needing dental treatment but who could not afford it due to the lack of insurance. In all, Dr. Gavito treated 14 children in one day. (Staff photo by Ray Quiroga)

Port Isabel-South Padre PRESS

As Dr. Emma Gavito pokes and prods inside little Teresa’s mouth, the Garriga Elementary stu­dent lays on the dentist’s chair patiently, albeit, ner­vously, as she concentrates on a spot on the ceiling.

After spending quite a bit of time in the chair, Teresa is ready to go. For someone so young and who’s had lit­tle to no experience at the hands of a dentist, Teresa is remarkably brave.

“You can eat anything, but try not to move your lip too much because it’s asleep you’re going to have a tendency to bite it,” Gavito’s assistant says in Spanish so that Teresa’s mom, who’s sitting near her daughter, can under­stand.

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