Back to school safety concerns

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The summer has wound down, and families are busy preparing for back to school shopping, reg­istration and sports prac­tices; in all the hub-bub, parents need to be aware of some safety concerns for their little ones as they head back to school.

Port Isabel Police Chief Gualberto “Wally” Gon­zalez cautions parents and other motorists to be cautious in and around school zones next week.

His prime concern is Washington St. near Gar­riga Elementary School.

“I know parents often want to walk their kids to the first class, so they park along the side of the road,” Chief Gonza­lez said. This presents a problem as Washington St. and the surrounding roads get full of cars and lend less room to maneu­ver the street, though this is the safest way to bring children across the road.

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