LV to issue $1.5 million in Cos

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Plans to invest $1.5 million into Laguna Vis­ta’s future were approved here Tuesday.

Council members voted to solicit funds to upgrade parks, purchase a fire truck and replace some fire hydrants that will be funded through certificates of obliga­tions at anticipated low interest rates.

A motion that would have authorized $2 mil­lion in COs for such improvements failed to draw a majority vote at Tuesday’s meeting of the board, but upon a subse­quent motion, the plan for the lower amount was unanimously approved.

The action sets into motion, a plan for the board’s next meeting on Sept 13, to approve the notice of intent to issue the CO’s, according to Mayor Susie Houston.

In addition to Town parks improvements, the Board has indicated a desire to pay off a lease payment for a fire truck and make needed im­provements and replace­ments to several fire hy­drants.

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