Agreement terms ensure EMS, jail use for LV

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Emergency medical ser­vices and jail use in the City of Port Isabel will continue for the Town of Laguna Vista for the next year under terms of an agreement approved by officials here Sept. 13.

Laguna Vista has tradition­ally contracted for the service in lieu of providing the ser­vices in-house. “It’s an annu­al agreement,” City Manager Rolando Vela told officials.

With an increase of $5,000, the annual payment by Lagu­na Vista for EMS service to­tals $25,000. The agreement calls for four equal payments of $6,250. The contract runs through Sept. 30, 2012.

Should Port Isabel’s EMS be unable to provide a service call, a mutual aid agreement would be invoked with the City of South Padre Island’s Fire/EMS or Los Fresnos am­bulance service responding to the call.

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