Author schedules book signing in San Benito

Special to the Parade

Get Out of the WayAuthor Daniel Dinges will hold book signing events in Harlingen and San Benito this October.

The “Get Out of the Way” author will be in at at the San Benito Public Library on 101 W. Rose St. from 1-3 p.m. on Oct. 8.

Dinges, a resident of Harlingen, will be available to sign copies of his novel, “Get Out of the Way.”

The 1960s are in full bloom and the Vietnam conflict had reached its precipice. Tom Daniels wants no part in fighting a war he doesn’t agree with.

In an effort to avoid the seemingly black hole consuming thousands of American lives, he exhausts every resource to cling onto his personal freedom and refrain from picking up a weapon. His plans only last so long, and Tom is inevitably pulled into the abyss of military service. When he emerges on the other side, he quickly discovers how he can keep away from the fighting if he keeps his wits and quick thinking in hand at all times.

These are dangerous times, and Tom Daniels knows the costs of making mistakes – a one-way ticket to Vietnam with a return in a body bag.

Dinges gives a front row-view of a young man’s fight to stay alive during the cultural revolution of the legendary sixties. A panorama of the times, Tom struggles to endure the personal battles of love and family while avoiding being in the crosshairs of another man’s gun. In a time when many would not survive either battle, Tom is determined to “Get Out of the Way.”

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