Automatic guns seized on SPI

A total of four guns were seized on Tuesday evening by constables from two individuals who were caught shooting the high-powered weapons at Beach Access 6. (Photo courtesy of Precinct 1 Cameron County Constable’s office)

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A father and daughter were arrested on Saturday and charged with disorderly conduct for shooting high-powered guns on the north end of the Island.

According to an official report, at approximately 7 p.m., a Cameron County Precinct 1 Deputy Constable was patrolling Park Road 100 North of Beach Access 6 and observed what appeared to be a stalled vehicle. While attempting to locate the owners of the stalled vehicle, the deputy heard the sound of multiple weapons fire and observed  a male and a female subject firing an assault rifle.

Contact was made with Tommy Fulcher, 55, and his daughter, Ashley Fulcher, 19, and they were detained. Upon further investigation, it was determined that they were in possession of a short-barreled AR15 rifle equipped with a suppressor (silencer). A second rifle was found and deemed to possibly be capable of full-automatic firepower, which would be a felony to carry without a permit on the person. Finally, there were two handguns and several rounds of high-power ammunition found at the scene.

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