Letters to the Editor

Cat got your tongue

Dear Editor,

Many of the cats at the shelter are feral cats that have been trapped by Port Isabel and South Padre Island Animal Services Officers.  Feral cats are not someone’s pet and there will be no owners coming to their rescue. Rescue groups focus primarily on dogs because it’s easier to place a dog than a feral cat. Rescue organizations that attempt to place feral cats normally rely on farms and ranches that need to keep their mice and rat populations down. …

Issues in Laguna Vista

Dear Editor,

Laguna Vista has a new charter that allegedly allows it to do a number of things it has not been able to do before. I say allegedly because it is not clear how much authority the council can exercise since the Feds have reportedly not totally approved the charter.

I am not certain what business it is of the Feds, but it seems to be. Certainly, again, nothing is authorized in the US Constitution that should involve the Feds? …

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