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On Tuesday, Oct. 25, the City Commission met with City Manager Edward Meza and Finance Director Alonzo Echavarria-Garza to brain­storm for the coming Capital Improvements Plan for the city.

“We’re moving some ex­penditures throughout the years so we can end up with no big heights or valleys of spending over the next five years,” Echavarria-Garza said. “We have a lot of needs. We’re projecting about $250,000 per year… it may not be possible. That [amount] would be per­fect, though.”

As it is, the city still main­tains a balance of $580,000 at their disposal.

“We still have a balance in the capital fund of about $580,000 and that’s because we have some commitments already. Some money is com­ing back that we had to use for some grants. It was matched by us so we are getting the money back,” Echavarria- Garza said.

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