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Great Outdoors pic2For anyone who hunts and fishes across the state or travels to other states and climates, just getting there can be an adventure all its own. Recently after sitting behind the wheel for the better part of the day I found myself looking for a place to stop for the night, one that would allow my bird dog Kenai and close to a place where I might get a bit to eat.

The first two seemed easy. A friendly smile and hello greeted me by the fellow behind the registration desk at a small mom and pop motel just off the Interstate. After throwing my things in a room and getting Chip fed and settled for the night, I followed directions that were “just down the street a few blocks.”

Pulling my well-used transportation in the parking lot, I saw a poorly lit sign that read, “Lulu’s – Beer & Food.”

As I walked in the door, my hand instinctively went to the pocket where I kept my antacid tablets. Assuring myself that the roll was almost full, I bravely entered and found a table.

Great Outdoors pic1To make a long story short, the food was about as expected and it was the best of luck that my heartburn subsided before I ran out of Tums. As it was, Chip, with a full tummy of kibbles mixed with a can of meaty dog food, slept all night which was punctuated by his snoring and one minor position adjustment just before I dropped off for a few hours of sleep.

On the other hand, there are trips where just looking forward to the food has me pushing the speed limit a bit in anticipation. Fishing with Capt. Hebert Bode is always one of these trips. The good captain and his lovely life companion Sarah have introduced me to several favorite eateries that now rate high on my list.

I guess I should mention that fishing with Capt. Bode always makes me hungry, especially when the fishing is good. Being a person who hates frozen anything, especially fish, catching an in the slot redfish makes me start thinking about redfish-on-the-half-shell cooked over mesquite coals. Some other great food is always a part of an invitation to the Punta Del Monte ranch.

It’s always a great pleasure and an honor when I receive an invitation to the ranch. Sitting down to a meal at the ranch is always great. South Texas ranch cooking is the bill of fare at camp. Sure, there are steaks and chicken tossed on the grill over the coals, but they are done to a turn with ranch style.

Now we all know a big part of my fishing and hunting trips involve not only good company, but also good food. Of course, sitting around the campfire after a successful hunt just adds to the pleasure.

Have a happy and safe hunting season.

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