Holiday Window Displays Almost 100 Byers Carolers

SPI Display Window

Special to the Parade

In celebration of the Holiday season, the City of South Padre Island transformed the display case in the lobby of City Hall into a holiday window display with almost 100 Byers Carolers arranged to create a variety of “scenes.”

Long-time Island homeowner Sandy Boswell has been collecting the hand-crafted figures for many years, and this year she loaned part of her collection to the city to create a display celebrating the holiday season.

Many of the carolers are dressed in late 19th Century costumes and look like characters out of Dickens’ Christmas Carol.

Visitors to the display will find a beach scene, a nautical scene complete with a three-masted schooner, a Salvation Army Band with their familiar kettle, a group of children roasting marshmallows by a fire or skating on a pond, children waiting to see Santa, shopkeepers with a vendor roasting chestnuts in a kettle, carolers with their director, and children in their nightgowns preparing to dream of sugar plums.

The display is open for the public to enjoy from Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information, contact Communications and Technology Specialist Carlos Centeno at (956) 761-6458 or email


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