Santa Maria bullring opens Sunday, Dec. 4

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SANTA MARIA – Sunday, Dec. 4, the Santa Maria Bullring on FM 1017 in La Gloria, Texas will make history.

The pure bred Spanish bulls of Don Rafael Mendoza are one of the largest ever presented in a world class bloodless bullfight in the United States. The stage is set for the winter season opener.

“Feel the fire of live flamenco,” read a press release. “The clicking of the castanets and the sounds of the pounding boots in rhythm to the Spanish guitars, as the famous flamenco duo Ray Duran and Sonia Chapa take to the stage in a live performance. The flamenco show will begin at 3 p.m., one hour before the 4 p.m. bullfight.”

Matadors include Ernesto Xavier “El Calita” from Mexico City, considered by many “the new idol” of the tour who will make his debut in Santa Maria. He has appeared in Spain as well as South America registering grand afternoons, and just finished with a tremendous triumph in Guadalajara.

Alternating with him is the new super star, Isaac Leal Montalvo of Monterrey. Leal was wounded in his debut in the 2010 winter season here. He was rushed to the matador’s hospital in Monterrey, where he spent a few days before being released to recuperate at his home in Monterrey. Performing for free this past week, he appeared in the monumental de Monterrey ring, where he won ears from both bulls in a benefit performance for the hospitals.

“It takes a great courage and skill for us to face bulls of this size,” he said in a press conference last week. “I know they will perform as all bulls do from Dn. Rafael Mendoza.”

The bullring gates will open at 1 pm. as always, and the prices for the seating will be the same as last year. There will be food and music leading up to the event.

There will be buses to and from the bullring with pick-ups all over the Valley at reasonable prices.

For more information, call (956) 537-0360 or visit

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