Nature Niche: Indoor Fun at Sea Life Center

Special to the Parade

Sea Life CenterWith the inclement weather around for our Christmas holidays this year, the Sea Life Center will provide indoor fun and hands-on learning about the sea creatures living in the surrounding waters of South Padre Island and Port Isabel.

Open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the Sea Life Center is located right at the end of the causeway in Port Isabel, just feet from the Pirates Landing Restaurant.

Touch tanks and aquariums, rescued critters like turtles, lizards, frogs and bunnies too have a nice warm home at the center and await the attention of the many children to help feed and care for them and hold them.

Learn about stingrays and sea urchins, horse shoe crabs and sargasso fish. The sargasso fish is a really interesting fish that only lives in that seaweed that will be coming up on the beach in the north wind. Watch the director’s personal short film about the tribe of dolphins she has filmed for over 15 years, and come to know personally and see her many photos on exhibit.

Ask about Mohawk and Ranger, two dolphins rescued and released back to their families and still out there in the wild. See what a live shell is, see what a stingray barb looks like, see what a sand dollar really is, see what a shell really is and meet Oscar the grouch, a real live toad fish. Nemo and Marlin have a home at the center too and help teach us about native and non native species.

A fee kittens and puppies are fostered at the center too and get plenty of loving from everyone. So for family fun with nature and warm fuzzy animals, and for those children with allergies, the fuzzy room is separate from the sea life part. So no one has to miss out on this learning experience. Only $2 per person and donations welcomed, the Sealife Center is dedicated to Saving our Sea Life.

For more info, call dolphinologists who will be giving boat trips just into the protected bay area to meet her dolphin family on a private and partially enclosed boat to get out of the wind and cold until the dolphins appear, and then when they appear one does not even feel cold for dolphins.

So even if it is sprinkling, you can still go for the boat that is covered, and dolphins love the rain, and they love Rozzi the dolphin dog. And after celebrating the Thanksgiving holidays with them, we know they love the holidays.

Call (956) 299-1957 for dolphin experience in the wild information and for any info on the Sea Life Center, or visit or check Dolphinwhisper on facebook. One can also visit us at 110 N Garcia, Port Isabel, 78578, at the Terra Cotta Building. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas.

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