Kayaking 101: Paddle, and where to place it

Special to the Parade

Kayaking 101As you may have seen, we are starting to see a lot more Winter Texans, and I have been answering the same question over and over again, why won’t my kayak go straight? We offered some Free Kayak Classes this week and I saw a lot of people having the same problem, placement of the paddle is just as important as where you take your paddle out. Remember that you always want to place your paddle in the water as FAR FORWARD AS COMFORTABLY AS POSSIBLE. A lot of the time, we get used to placing it right off to the side, and then we seem to paddle farther back. Just as you should watch where your paddle goes in, you should also watch where it comes out. By having your paddle stroke just in the right place, it will help out in more ways than just one. We invite everyone to come on over to the shop for a demonstration of different paddle strokes as well as placement issues. We encourage the practice of safe kayaking as well as proper technique, and we will be glad to help out in any way we can. Hope to see you soon.
As always, stay safe, always wear your P.F.D., and test your whistle every now and then. See you out on the water. For questions or comments on our stories, or to just let us know of a specific item you would like to see us cover, please place your replies on our Facebook page U.B. Captain, or email us at ubcaptainkayaks@yahoo.com.

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