ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Rescued dolphin Bo Jingles dies

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Bo Jingles

Shown is the Dec. 21, 2011 rescue of Bo Jingles, a bottlenose dolphin that washed ashore on Beach Access #6 in South Padre Island. Rescuers are seen here attempting to pry the dolphin’s mouth open so that vets can insert a feeding tube. (Staff photo by Ray Quiroga)

Bo Jingles, the bottlenose dolphin rescued from what was initially believed to be a shark attack died Friday, Jan. 6.

It was Dec. 21 when the 7-foot 200-250 lbs. dolphin washed ashore on Beach Access #6 in South Padre Island. Bo has since captivated residents of the Laguna Madre area as volunteers came from all over the Valley to the dolphin’s rescue.

The story was first reported by the PRESS via publisher Ray Quiroga’s Facebook page and here on In fact, many of those who arrived at the UTPA Coastal Studies Lab at Isla Blanca Park, where Bo (then named Troy) was first taken, answered a request for volunteers via Quiroga’s Facebook and the PRESS website.

After the dramatic rescue attempt, Bo was then transferred to the Texas State Aquarium’s Sea Lab in Corpus Christi.

His chances of surviving appeared high.

However, it was soon learned that the bite marks Bo suffered, at first thought to be the result of a tiger shark attack, were more significant and damaging than initially believed. Also, Bo still couldn’t swim on his own despite only needing the assistance of one person.

He continued to fight for his life, this time at a rehab facility operated by the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network (TMMSN). It was there where Bo finally succumbed to his injuries.

The following is a report from TMMSN volunteers via

“We are still in a bit of shock but unfortunately ‘Bo’ our most recent patient passed away suddenly late this afternoon. We were all aware that Bo was very sick and he was being treated for pneumonia, however with the sudden passing it is likely that there were additional contributing factors to his stranding and subjection to shark attack. We hope that we are able to identify these underlying factors and will share them with you as they become available.”

Check back at for more details as they become available.


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