Nature Niche: Brown Pelicans Can ‘Put On Some Bling’

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Now is the time when some of our birds, especially the ones that nest here, begin to put on their spring flare. My favorite, the brown pelican can put on some bling.

I do love color and so do they. Funny thing though, right here, in this area, western pelicans and eastern pelicans meet. Brown pelicans from the east, long e, get green pouches, long e. Brown pelicans from the west, short e, get red pouches, short e, for breeding enhancement. Or perhaps it is for enchantment, but either way those pouches get very colorful. And in some cases, east has met west and you will find a peli with a half green, half red pouch.

And this is not all that changes.

Those big, soft, brown eyes do their magic as well. They turn blue, not unlike a song we all have heard. But I am always amazed when all those pelicans come back in from their nesting islands up the bay, those blue eyes have turned brown again. I laugh and say that they found out that nesting is not all it is cracked up to be. But when they get back with those brown babies, they are happy enough to just be back to their normal brown eyes, dull pouches and get on with raising the kids.

I do wonder why brown pelicans are called that for they are only brown their first few years of life and then they turn gray. But brown pelican it is, and we all love them.

I love to watch them feed around with our dolphins. They do seem to build up a relationship with the dolphins to get a meal out of them. I never tire of taking photos of brown pelicans. In fact, if you would like to photograph pelicans and dolphins, take a photographic tour with Dolphinwhisperer Scarlet Colley out on the calm waters of the bay and let’s click away.

It is our nature niche.

Reach Scarlet Colley at (956) 299-1957 or visit dolphinwhisper on Facebook,

Mama mia.

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