Gotta Love It! ‘I Heart SPI’ targets overgrown lots

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Environmental Health Director Victor Baldovinos (white) is shown promoting the “I Heart SPI” campaign. Also seen is landowner Joe Martin (orange) trimming a tree along with Baldovinos. (Staff photos by Ray Quiroga)

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I Heart SPI pic2As he gingerly drives along South Padre Island’s Laguna Boulevard in his city-issued white Ford pick-up truck, Environmental Health Director Victor Baldovinos turns his head to the right and to the left, peaking through the truck’s open windows as he stares up and down the side streets searching for overgrown and un-kept lots.

Down one such street off of Laguna, his trained eye somehow spots a landowner who is single handedly attempting to bring his vacant lot to code. The landowner’s name is Joe Martin. As he trims a mesquite tree, he shares a few words and smiles with Baldovinos, and explains that despite the toil, he understands his responsibly as a landowner. In recent weeks, he and other property I Heart SPI pic3owners on the Island received a tactfully stated letter from Baldovinos explaining that the city has launched what is being called the “I heart SPI” campaign, touted as a positive, rather than forceful, approach at getting lawnmowers to maintain their easements and lots.

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  1. I disagree with the city’s push to mow down the vegetation that keeps the island from eroding during storms. If everyone can remember the massive dunes and vegetation on the island, they would understand that any vegetation will catch sand and build up the barrier reef characteristics that the island is supposed to have. Bad idea in my opinion, especially since home owners will now have to pay a yearly fee just to maintain their property with natural vegetation. Just another push from the government to get into our private business.

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