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Scarlet Colley

Scarlet Colley

The dolphins of the Laguna Madre are celebrating. They are happy. It seems that after months of red tide killing so much of their sea world, it is over, and life is breathing back into the bay waters.

There is more food for them. They do not have to look at death lying around the sea floor. We see this as we are, on the water with them almost daily and now they are sharing that joy with us. My camera keeps a photo journal of their life here in their tribal waters of the Laguna. They share their part of their happiness with us and give us some of the best photo ops ever to show us their lifestyle. If they are sleeping, we never disturb them, if they are dining we watch and five times in the years, I have been with them.

They have given us fish as a gift.

The stories of our life with them are many, and a few are heart-wrenching as when one of our little ones was dying from an infection in his mouth. We stayed with them for five hours, watching each and every member of the tribe come and say goodbye. Or a very happy time when I was there to watch Nipper give birth to Abby and actually see the umbilical cord in the midwife’s mouth, and Abby take her first breath.

To be there to see the celebration of the birth by all who were there that day, it is as if they are people of the sea.

So thru the years, I have shared my photos with you all in my articles and on facebook. I have chosen this one that I took only last week while our dolphins were playing, celebrating life and we celebrated that with them.

Mama Mia, how wonderful they are.

So let’s take care of their world, let’s not overfish, let’s not take the life from their world without reverence and respect and thank them for sharing with us. Learn more about them thru my traveling program about our dolphins and birds. We bring the program to your group.

For more info, visit the Sea Life Center at 110 N Garcia in Port Isabel or call (956) 299-1957 for more info on the program or a boat tour with just six people or less. Visit for more.

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