Cover Girl of the Week: The Amazing Dianna Rojas

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South Padre Parade

Dianna Rojas pic6Okay Spring Breakers, as you all must know by now, South Padre Island is full of gorgeous people in both spirit and physical prowess, and many of those people are “homegrown,” including this week’s cover girl, Dianna Rojas, an SPI resident and senior at the University of Texas at Brownsville (UTB) who’s pursuing her B.S. in Exercise Science and plans on graduating this fall.

As an independent personal trainer, Rojas can be found modeling and working with her clients, usually at Island Fitness Gym. She also took on the challenge of becoming certified to teach and sell Kangoo Jumps, a product she personally uses and endorses to help achieve her and her clients’ fitness goals. Kangoo Jumps represent a new product category – Mobile Rebounders. They are an exercise rebounding shoe that has a safe and stable platform and are incredibly fun to use for cross training, aerobic workouts and rehabilitation.

Dianna Rojas pic10Dianna offers a Kangoo Boot Camp, Kangoo Running Clinic, Kangoo Discovery Program, and a Kangoo Power Clinic. In June 2010, she attended the Kangoo Jumps International World Convention in Benidorm, Spain and was hired as the translator for the convention. She also competed in the Kangoo Jumps Academy Workshop and Festival.

For the past decade, she’s immersed herself in the world of fitness, and for the past 13 years, she’s instructed aerobics, aquatics, Spinning, Yoga, and Zumba classes. She’s also a R.I.P.P.E.D., boot camp instructor, a bikini competitor, and a nutrition and marathon coach.

Bright and compassionate, Dianna is more than just a pretty face with a dynamite body; she all too well understands the struggles of people who are overweight because, she was overweight for most of her childhood. Today, she’s working toward overcoming childhood obesity in the RGV. In the future, she plans to establish an organization to help people discover realistic solutions for eliminating childhood obesity and diabetes.

Dianna Rojas pic2As an overweight adolescent, Rojas said her life-changing transformational experience has been long and arduous, but it has made her a more disciplined person overall.

Rojas also enjoys participating in marathon running and has completed in 11 marathons since 2008; including the ING New York Marathon as a member of Team for Kids that raised $2,500 for a childhood obesity organization.

Living on SPI has also afforded her the opportunity to surf and take up kite surfing.

One of her most impressive feats took place in Nevada where she competed in the Olympia at the Flex Bikini Model Search in Las Vegas for the past two years as well as a competition in Austin at the State Naturals.

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