Continue the Spring Break party with the South Padre Parade!

Dear Readers,

There’s nothing better than sitting down at the breakfast table, sipping your morning coffee and opening the South Padre Parade to loads of fun. Then again… it’s just as good, if not better doing so from the sands of South Padre Island, surrounded by eye candy as far as the eye can see, not to mention all the exciting events continuing throughout Spring Break.

Like always, we at the South Padre Parade have got it all for you, from continued reports on Spring Breakers traveling here from all across the country to a calendar of Spring Break specific events. Then there’s another story on this week’s cover girl, Nancy Lerma, as well as all your favorites – the Beach Bar Beat, Rockin’ Restaurant Review, Hot Happenings and more!

Come party with us!

For the full issue, click here!

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