Bikers for Christ form first chapter south of Corpus

Bikers for Christ1

Pictured are members of Bikers for Christ, who rolled into Christ’s Harbor Church in Laguna Vista on Sunday. (Staff photos by Ray Quiroga)

Port Isabel-South Padre PRESS

Bikers for Christ2If you happened to run into them at a truck stop or gas station, your initial reaction might be to take a step back or avoid them all together. Donned in typical biker gear – leather vests, and denim, adorned with their multi-colored patches – their appearance alone can be intimidating, never mind the thunder produced by their motorcycle engines.

Some of these bikers sport long hair and even longer beards, while others have cleanly shaven heads and facial hair. In other words, they’re gnarly lookin’ and a whole bunch of them rode into the sleepy town of Laguna Vista early one morning as they drove up to Christ’s Harbor Church for Sunday worship… “What?”

Bikers for Christ3That’s right. They’re not your typical bikers and this is not a typical biker club. And looks, patches and thunderous engines aside, they just might be the guys and gals you want to look for when you’re spiritually down and out, and you have nowhere or no one to turn to.

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