Man’s talents stretch from music to production

Art Mendoza

Musician Art Mendoza is pictured playing an acoustic guitar inside his Laguna Vista home. Mendoza is also an artist of many talents and fields. (Staff photo by Ray Quiroga)

Port Isabel-South Padre PRESS

Sitting in his cozy Laguna Vista abode, Art Mendoza was surrounded by the tools of his trade.

His drawings, for example, sat on a nearby desk, acoustic guitars lie on the couch just an arm’s reach away, and music gear in the form of an effects pedal lies on a small table just feet away.

This modest, almost unassuming, gentleman is gifted in many areas of artistic expression and has been to the apex of the music and production industries with multiple projects in the works at seemingly any and every given time of the day.

Mendoza’s life and career has culminated into an ironic amalgamation of business, creativity and entertainment, a path this one-time collegiate track star never had in his life’s plan.

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