TO THE RESCUE: Turtle ‘shopped’ around in Harlingen

turtle rescue

Sea Turtle Inc. Assistant Educator Jean Pettit, displays a 5 lb. Atlantic Green found abandoned in Harlingen after an unidentified man was discovered going door-to-door in an attempt to sell the endangered sea turtle. (Staff photo by Ray Quiroga)

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“I looked up from what I was doing on Tuesday, and I see this black uniform in front of me that says ‘Texas Parks and Wildlife.’ [A man with a gun] says, ‘Would you like a Sea Turtle?’” Dave Cromwell, educator with Sea Turtle Inc., recalled.

What may sound like the beginning of a joke, in actuality, is the crux of a legitimate Atlantic Green Sea Turtle rescue story.

It all began when a man walking door-to-door in Harlingen on Tuesday, September 4, was attempting to sell an endangered species, the Atlantic Green Sea Turtle.

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