LITTLE WALKERS: Local children raise breast cancer awareness

Little Walkers1

Little Walkers2

Little Walkers3

Little Walkers4

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Grown-ups weren’t the only folks observing National Breast Cancer Awareness Month this past weekend. Students, as well as a number of parents, at Garriga Elementary also took part in a walk of their own Friday as students dressed in pink and carried signs calling for the demise of breast cancer. The participants walked from Garriga to Washington Park where they were met by members of the campus PTA who served refreshments and treats. Among those seen here are buds Walter Ronaldo Barrios and Julio Lara, who aren’t afraid to wear pink, Emily Villanueva donning the pink cap and Chelsea Gonzalez who’s seen walking with her father walking on what happened to be her birthday. (Staff photos by Ray Quiroga)

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