Learning to Ride with Ana Dicus

Ana Dicus

South Padre Parade

Ana Dicus2What is it about the modernized marvels we know as motorcycles that capture our imagination?

Steppenwolf and Montrose sang about them, Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda acted in movies about them. Steve McQueen and Marlin Brando were inspired by them. Even some of the most renowned poets and authors of our time, such as Hunter S. Thompson, based some of their best work on them.

As far back as she can remember Ana Dicus loved motorcycles. “I remember just hearing them on the street and running outside to see them,” she said, recalling her childhood in Reynosa.

Ana Dicus3She said that a boyfriend who just happened to be a bike rider sealed the deal for her and ever since she’s been hooked on bikes.

Then, a few years ago, this part-time promotional model was asked to work at SPI Bikerfest and she’s since been virtually obsessed with everything biker.

These days, Ana can be found in hospital delivery rooms where she helps bring new life into this world. But when those scrubs come off, the leather and helmet come on as Ana hops on her borrowed Harley, which she’s learning to ride. She still has a bit more to go in order to feel confident on this nearly 900cc muscle machine, but Ana’s well on her way to becoming a skillful rider. In fact, she’s only been riding for a couple of weeks, but thanks to her biker buds and support from a growing group of female riders in the Valley, she’s confident she can handle this rather large monster of the roadway.

Ana added that the hardest aspect of riding is turning, especially on a relatively heavy bike for her size and skill level. “Yes,” she said, when asked if the bike has been “dropped”. Luckily for the bike and her, drops have only caused scrapes to body and machine as well as bruising of the ego.

Ana Dicus4Ana had hoped to be ready to ride to Bikefest but she said that she’d rather be safe than sorry and wait until next year when her abilities are bound to have improved.

The gorgeous bike shown here with Ana, by the way, is a custom-built by a Valley father and son team of Iron Cross Cycle Wurks located outside of Mission — Steven Kafton Garza, II owner. According to Garza’s son, the hand-built bike was appraised at $70,000 and won Bikefest’s Best Bike Award a few years ago.

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