Big Shrimp

Shrimp Cook-off

Above – Seen are the 19th Annual Shrimp Cook-Off winners. Taking first in the Amateur Division was Team Ramrods; second went to Delicias Express and third was secured by the VFW. In the Professional Division, first was earned by PadreRitaGrill, second was won by Sao Paulo’s and garnering third was Dirty Al’s at Pelican Station. The Showmanship prize was awarded to PadreRitaGrill. (Photo by Valerie D. Bates)
Below – Also shown are various scenes from the event, which was hosted Sunday by the Port Isabel Chamber of Commerce. (Staff photos by Ray Quiroga)

Shrimp Cook-off2

Shrimp Cook-off3

Shrimp Cook-off4

Shrimp Cook-off5

Shrimp Cook-off6

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