The Many Facets of Jessica Guerra

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cover model2From a young girl raised on both sides of the border, to a mom, model/promoter, and even Army soldier, Jessica Guerra could have never imagined that her life would take the twists and turns that it has.

In fact a number of aspects about this 24-year-old’s life both complement and contrast each other: she’s the daughter of an agriculturalist, but was raised in the city; she was born in this side of the border, but spent most of her formative years in Mexico. And while she has two siblings, they were born close to a decade apart from her, so Jessica had a similar experience of being an only child.

“My parents where a lot older by the time I was born. My dad was 59 and mother was 39 when I was born. There was a 20-year difference between them and they were older when I came along, so my parents were more about having fun, taking me to the ranch where I chased the piggies and I ended up being a very athletic person; I’m a very outdoorsy person. I love the outdoors,” Guerra said.

cover model3Similar to many students in the Brownsville area, Jessica crossed the international bridge daily to attend Brownsville schools. She said that experience gave her an added appreciation for the differing cultures between the two countries.

Jessica’s athleticism and need for adventure influenced her to sign up for the military where she became an Army Solider. After coming home and spending time at a T-Mobile call center in Brownsville, Jessica was encouraged by a friend to try her hand at modeling and promotional modeling.

Today, she’s a photographer’s dream and an in-demand promotional model for not only Bud Light but for a popular energy drink as well.

cover model4“I like my work because you get to choose your own hours and make your own schedule, so I get to balance my work and my daughter at the same time, and it doesn’t deprive me from spending time with her,” Guerra explained. “I rather enjoy it because a lot of my friends consider me to be a social butterfly and I am a social person which is something you got to be to do the job,” she added.

Jessica understands, however, that a career in the industry can be short-lived and is working to get back to school where she hopes to receive a degree in education.

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