Zamora edges Delgadillo in recount


Elections graphicThe race for Cameron County Constable Precinct 1 went down to the wire with all votes being tallied Wednesday night.

Three votes separated Republican Pete Delgadillo from incumbent Horacio Zamora. Ten mail-in ballots came in after Election Day and over 600 provisional votes had to be counted to decide the winner. Zamora received 2,504 votes while Delgadillo received 2,501 votes.

Votes were canvassed Thursday in the County Commissioner’s Court. A recount must be requested no later than two days following the canvass.

A request to recount does not delay canvassing, but the canvassing authority must make a note that a recount has been requested. Submission of a recount petition delays the issuance of a certificate of election and qualification for the office involved, pending completion of the recount.

To request a recount, the difference between number of votes received by petitioner and number of votes received by the person who was elected or is entitled to a place on the runoff election ballot is less than 10 percent of the number of votes received by the person elected.

Constable Zamora said he knew the race would be a close one.

“We can only wait to see if this recount will happen and if it will make a change,” Zamora said.

The winner of the election will take office January 1.

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