County cancels beach patrol contract


South Padre Island beachThe contract between Cameron County and the City of South Padre Island for beach patrol at the county parks was cancelled last Wednesday at the Commissioners’ Court.

Fire Chief Burney Baskett said the contract enabled the city to extend their beach patrol through to the county parks. He said summer 2012 was the first recorded season that the city did not suffer a drowning at the parks.

The three year contract that began in July 2012 was cancelled at Cameron County Commissioners Court on Wednesday, January 2. The cancellation notice arrived at the fire station this week; the contract had a 30-day cancellation clause.

Baskett said the county is planning on facilitating a staff for the parks. He said a single lifeguard will be patrolling the parks during the spring beginning March 1.

Currently, the beach patrol serves within the South Padre Island city limits from Schlitterbahn water park to The Shores subdivision. Baskett said a full staff for the county and city is expected for March during spring break.

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