SHORT TERM RENTAL TAX: City of South Padre Island City Ordinance No.15-03 FAQ

To download the Short Term Rental tax registration form, click here.

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What constitutes a Short Term Rental?

Short term rentals are residential dwellings; single family residence, apartment, residential condo, or other residential real estate rented for less than 30 days.

When can I register?

The on-line registration form will be available on May 15, 2015. The registration compliance deadline is July 1, 2015.

Who can register my Short Term Rental?

Registration is the legal responsibility of the property owner; however, a management company/rental agent can register for the property owner.

How do I register?

An online registration form is available as well as on-site registration at the South Padre Island Convention Centre located at 7355 Padre Blvd, South Padre Island, TX 78597.

Is there a fee to register?

Short term rental property owners who have not been properly remitting their hotel occupancy taxes will be charged a registration fee of fifty dollars ($50).

This fifty dollar ($50) registration fee will be waived for those property owners

who have been remitting their hotel occupancy taxes.

What happens once I register?

After your short term rental is registered, a registration number will be assigned to your property. This registration number must be listed on any and all advertisements.

What if I have more than one property?

Each property must be registered separately and they will each receive an individual registration number.

What if my information changes after I register?

If any information on the registration form changes, the owner or management company/rental agent must modify that information within 30 days.

Who can be my local emergency contact?

The local emergency contact is the person designated by the owner or management company/rental agent who must be available twenty-four (24) hours

a day, seven (7) days a week. This person must be able to respond within one

(1) hour of a property complaint and be able to take action to resolve said complaint.

What if I don’t register my Short Term Rental?

Any violation of Ordinance NO. 15-03 may be punished by a fine not to exceed Five Hundred Dollars ($500) for each offense or for each day such offense continues.

HOT tax form:

City of South Padre Island HOT tax form – 2015

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