Alley upkeep targeted in Laguna Vista

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Laguna Vista officials will be driving alleys and easements in the coming days, making personal contact with property owners in a town-wide effort to promote clean and safe backroads in the community.

“Maintaining an alley free of high weeds or debris helps to minimize attractive health nuisances,” according to City Manager Rolando Vela.

More than 450 flyers have been hand-delivered to homes in the town to initiate education and build awareness that alleyways should be clear and free from brush and other potentially harmful items.

Calling the campaign proactive in nature, Vela said, “Our primary goal is not to issue citations, but rather, to work closely with property owners to help them maintain their alleys.”

Failure to comply carries a penalty.

“It’s a class C misdemeanor, and the fine can be up to $500,” the city manager said.

In the letter dated June 24, Vela says, “I write to kindly request your assistance with regard to the maintenance of the alley or the easement behind your property.”

“The Town will be mowing the center of the alley but the five feet leading up to the alley is the responsibility of the property owner.  Aside from maintaining this portion free of weeds and high grass, the property owner is also responsible to ensure that the accumulation of any debris is removed,” he said.

Upon notification of violation, property owner will be given seven days to abate the nuisance resulting from the placement of garbage and litter, large or bulky items, unacceptable waste and weeds in their alley or the easement.

Vela invites residents with any questions in regard to this matter, to contact him at 956/943-1793 or at

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