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South Padre Island welcomed actor Stephen Baldwin and short film director, Alejandra Hinojosa. Baldwin and Hinojosa are shooting a short film entitled “Live to Love” using the striking beaches of South Padre Island as a backdrop.

The short film is featured around the love that connects a father to his daughter. Baldwin stars in the film as a father in a position of great power who preaches to his daughter the importance of not compromising who you are for what you perceive to be a good life.

In the film, Baldwin’s morals are put to the test when his daughter is kidnapped. His character struggles with the ability to abide by his own words of wisdom, his love for his daughter threatening to spin him into turmoil and possible corruption. “The film is very symbolic. There is a lot left to the audience to interpret,” Baldwin said.

Hinojosa started filming when she was 8 years old. She’s traveled from Morocco, to Los Angeles, to New York refining her craft. She is currently a student at New York Film Academy, where the film will be shown. Hinojosa also hopes to enter the film in different festivals all over the world.

Hinojosa was raised in the Matamoros/Brownsville area and has always loved the island atmosphere. “It’s home. It’s very comfortable to shoot here,” she said. She expressed great appreciation to the city, “The community has been extremely helpful in all aspects! I’d like to thank the City of South Padre Island for all that it has done for me.”

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