Letter to the Editor for 7-16-2015

Dear Editor,

Thank you, Mayor Susie Houston and City Manager Rolando Vela, for your steadfast dedication and hard work, which led to successfully accomplishing the journey to extend our ETJ. I know this work involved many hours of commitment, including traveling from Laguna Vista to Austin, getting up at 4 in the morning, rushing to meet with the state senator and state representative, and doing so again with the governor’s staff – and then coming right back home to meet prior commitments.

Mayor Susie Houston, your relentless phone calls and emails to our neighbors who also benefited from your efforts, and your dedication to our community, have proven to be a great example of leadership.

Our City Manager, Rolando Vela, your expertise and knowledge of the “System” made it possible against the odds that bill 4059 would ever become law. Your perseverance in the face of the regulators proved, against all odds and naysayers, that what was called impossible was accomplished after many hours of very hard work and sleepless nights.

And last but not least, I extend my deep appreciation to Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. and State Representative Rene Oliveira, whose tireless efforts and dedication to small communities in Cameron County, led the way for such communities to attain a much richer quality of life by being able to expand their borders and reach for economic development. These opportunities were not possible before. Senator Lucio and Representative Oliveira went against the power brokers in Brownsville and took a historic step forward.

Richard Hinojosa

Laguna Vista

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