SH 550 toll gantries upgraded

Cashless toll gantries on State Highway 550, now upgraded to offer multiple payment options which include Pay By Mail, TxTag, and PToll™


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The new State Highway 550 (SH 550) in Cameron County had its cashless  toll gantries upgraded  to assist customers in making their payments on time to avoid penalties, and ultimately prosecution. Drivers are charged when they drive through each gantry at their respective rate with Pay By Mail (view image below).   Currently, Pay By Mail has been the preferred method of payment for many drivers that currently use SH 550. Customers receive a bill by mail, which includes a $1.00 processing fee in addition to the toll fees for using SH 550. Customers are encouraged to register for a TxTag account, which provides drivers with an electronic sticker transponder that carries their account information. Each time a vehicle passes through a gantry on SH 550 using TxTag’s windshield sticker transponder, toll fees are automatically deducted from customer accounts making toll payments easier and efficient for drivers. Drivers can also use PToll™ on their mobile devices to register vehicles before driving through SH 550. These alternate methods of payment can save drivers up to 40% on their toll fees, and they are hassle-free. The Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority highly encourages that residents register for their TxTag or PToll™ account by visiting their official website at

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    • BARRIE L HERBST on August 4, 2021 at 2:42 pm
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    I am visiting from Kansas and used the 550 toll road to South Padre Island today. Is there a way to pay the toll online today or do I need to wait for an invoice to be mailed?

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