Raising Awareness During Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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By Cameron County District Attorney Luis V. Saenz

A husband, ex-husband, boyfriend arrives at the home of the wife, ex-wife, or girlfriend. What starts out as a discussion quickly escalates to an argument, followed by some pushing and ends with the woman getting struck on or about her face and body. She reaches for her cell phone and is able to call police before it is snatched from her. Meanwhile, the couple’s children who have witnessed the altercation are cowered in a corner crying. The police respond and conduct their investigation. The woman recounts the event and the husband, ex-husband, or boyfriend is placed in handcuffs and arrested. Meanwhile, the couples’ children have witnessed “Daddy” get arrested.

This typical scenario is repeated hundreds of times. In this politically-correct world we live in, it is referred to as domestic violence. In reality, it is women getting assaulted and physically hurt.

What follows is months of solitude and torment endured by the women. (Yes, sometimes the woman assaults the man). She tries to hide it from the rest of the family. She finds herself isolated. She doesn’t know how to answer the children’s questions of “Where’s Daddy?” At some point, she is contacted by the District Attorney’s Office regarding the criminal case now pending against her husband, ex-husband, or boyfriend.

Because of emotional or financial personal reasons, she starts to rethink her position and becomes reluctant to testify against the husband, ex-husband, or boyfriend. She approaches the District Attorney and requests that the charge against the offender be dismissed. She tells the District Attorney that she doesn’t want the offender to lose his job because they will lose the house. She tells the District Attorney that the offender has promised not to “do it again.” She tells the District Attorney that the children want to see their daddy. She tells the District Attorney that she will not show up for court and that she will not testify.

The cycle repeats itself over and over. It is called Domestic Violence. The statistics are alarming and staggering. It cuts across all professions and economic levels. It touches everyone. It does more damage to our communities than drugs or even the so-called “Cartel” element.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Let’s all get involved to make every month Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Reach out to your friend, relative, or neighbor who may be dealing with Domestic Violence. Speak to your children about respecting each other and adhering to the age-old principle “You Don’t Hit a Woman.”

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