Letters to the Editor for 10-08-2015

Special to the PRESS

Dear Editor,

To the franchise guardians & all my brothers and sisters of Port Isabel and South Padre Island, TX, the following is an ad libbed of my ad libetum concern for the U.S of America & my love to reflect on this great nation’s 21st century technology of Wi-FI, & the need for the developing paradigm of learning.

We should please note, idea development needs overall knowledge to nurture one of its cardinal principles of (SKEPTIC)… While  ad hominem gives invitation to the imposter of gullibility. The aforementioned is my
apology in support for the need of federal financial credit to be extended & exempt of debt,… not only to Port Isabel, but everywhere  learning is experienced .

Charles Kowal


Dear Editor,

It’s a great letter by Stefanie Herweck. As i’ve said all along these are questions our elected officials and chambers of commerce should be asking as well. How Sophia Benavides can recommend to table the agenda item of tax abatement and request a better presentation by LNG companies is absurd. There were over 5000 comments submitted to FERC by voters across the RGV against LNG, some 600 signatures against tax abatements and a full house in protest at the county commissioners meeting. Wake up or step down. We would rather read about dinosaurs than be led by them. Where is the due diligence that the common citizen has done and the elected official has not?  I would question every part of the deal in detail. If you’re a company coming in and proposing hundreds of jobs, destroying habitat and effecting the shrimping and tourism jobs you better have some details. Tell us exactly how many jobs you will hire locally and exactly what jobs (and descriptions) once you’re up and running. Having people at the port, like B. Rosenbaum, shoving the word “jobs” down our throats, which she has no detail for, is not the leadership we need. I would vote against tax abatements on the basis of misinformation spread not by the concerned constituents of Cameron County but the LNG companies themselves and the fact that this is our community and our resources. If you’re gonna make billions $ then we should benefit too. We’ve got infrastructure to improve If LNG opens here including, the ship channel, roads and bridges and not too mention emergency management systems to name a few. “We’re not against progress, we’re just against progress that’s blind”.


SPI BJJ & Fitness

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