City to initiate crime watch program

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It’s not a new concept — neighbors watching out for each other — but Port Isabel police officer Lealani Cooper is hoping to bring in 21st century technology to make the City’s new program more immediate and effective.

Officer Cooper was on hand at the Port Isabel Event and Cultural Center Monday night, handing out literature and pamphlets about issues such as organizing a neighborhood watch, keeping personal accounts safe, avoiding cons, scams and fraud, and safety tips to implement when leaving your home.

Cooper talked about the program she’s been assigned to spearhead, and her goals for the project. “I think anything that promotes unity within the community, to work together and build it up, is awesome, and I love being a part of it.” She went on to elaborate, saying, “We’ve had a few burglaries and we do have a lot of problems with theft, especially with bicycles, that’s a big thing around here,” she said. “It would help if the community was looking out for each other and have each other’s backs, and that’s what we’re trying to create here.”

She emphasized the importance of residents knowing their neighborhoods. “Getting to know your neighbors and knowing who’s not from your neighborhood, who’s not normally there, and who’s unfamiliar, that helps us,” she said. She also encouraged residents to open up dialogs with their neighbors and to feel free to approach police with any concerns.

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