Letter to the Editor for November 23, 2017

Special to the PRESS

Dear Editor,

Regarding your article of Nov. 9th: Water district mulls agreement.

Why is this inter-local agreement even a consideration?

And why and when did WE, the people of Laguna Vista, agree to offset the costs of administering this new billing arrangement by charging OURSELVES an ADMINISTRATIVE fee payable to the Water District? Who is going to set those fees/taxes? How high will they go?

Is it possible this is just an ugly attempt to fill the coffers of the monopoly that is our waste collection company? At present if a resident does not pay their garbage bill their garbage collection stops. No big loss to those residents. But, huge losses to the monopoly. However if the monopoly is somehow magically hooked up to our life-giving water supply they’d have some serious leverage. Because now we are talking about families maybe having their WATER cut off immediately if the ‘whole’ utility bill isn’t paid.

I’m glad you all brought up the subject of our garbage. I’ve always disagreed with how our garbage is collected and charged. Some folks fill their trashcans to over-flowing every collection. Others, usually the elderly, put out a little bag, others recycle the bulk of their garbage, and yet, all are charged the same fee. Why have we allowed this to continue? In contrast the water district charges each residence for the metered amounts of water they actually use.  I know this because that’s what happens at my house.

If our city managers want to improve our garbage service? If they want to save us money? Give us the right to choose the garbage company our research proves best. And leave them to bill us for their services.

And if our city managers want to create a PUBLIC UTILITY entity tell them to go talk to the good people of Brownsville, Texas and ask them how their PUB is working for them. It’s NOT! Their bills have sky-rocketed, and keep going up, even while the PUB sits on millions of dollars.

E Etheridge
Laguna Vista

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