Letters to the Editor for January 18, 2018

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I’ve known “Judge Bennie” for many years. If he says he made the decision to retire on the eve of the filing date — that is exactly what happened. The Ochoa family has a long history of community service. Good luck to Bennie IV!

Gar Treharne
South Padre Island


Dear Editor,

Now, once again, someone is trying to whittle away on the lease agreement between the City of Laguna Vista and the Laguna Vista Recreation Association. Someone, and the story in the Port Isabel Press did not indicate who, wants the city to contract with an outside group of “experts” to manage the local marina.

Another boondoggle on the way. Surely, the marina has gotten along very well with its own members who pay their own money to manage the marina for many, many years. What possible benefit could come from contracting with a disinterested group who wants to make themselves more and more important with more and more responsibilities that the city is now getting for free?

There must be someone in the mix who is going to benefit personally from such a venture.

Where did the idea come from? Was it the city manager, Rolando Vela, who wants another job he can ask council to pay him for? Was it the mayor under some delusion that the city ought to have its own marina empire?

I’ve been trying on at least a half dozen occasions to get the city manager to complete the street project on Beach Boulevard by having the ditches dug down to meet the culverts that pass under the driveways. He says, the job should have been taken care of by the water department when it finished putting in a new water main.

At any rate, if the city would manage the marina in the same manner that we get proper drainage on Beach Boulevard, heaven help us.

Let the folks who use the marina keep it up the way they want to and within reasonable guidelines set by the city and the marina in mutual agreement and save the taxpayers a lot of money. No empire building, please!

Duane A. Rasmussen,
Laguna Vista

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